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Energy Medicine

Energy is the currency of all interactions.

Energy medicine is defined as any class of medicinal disciplines that deals with illness at the root cause (improper resonance or altered energy) and bringing the body back to homeostasis.


“To leave energetic considerations out of the equations of life and medicine is to ignore some 99% of what is happening. We just need a way to turn on the right switches and harness the body’s ability to heal spontaneously. Energetic approaches work quickly.”

“This is the medicine of the future.”
James Oschman, Ph. D. Biophysicist

The Process of Communication

Let's look at how individual cells communicate with each other. Every cell of the body is connected to every other cell through the tissue matrix. Every organ is surrounded by this tissue matrix called fascial tissue. We know these cells communicate with each other because we can measure an awareness of any event or injury at a distant site. Cell connections form, break down, and reform as cells change and move.

How do groups of cells communicate? Our biologic tissues are liquid crystals that generate electrical fields when compressed or stretched. These include connective tissue like ligaments and tendons, the myelin sheath which surrounds every nerve, and muscles. The electrical fields that are generated initiate remodelling of the cells called metabolic regeneration.

The collective frequencies of surrounding tissue regulate the processes of the local cells. If certain cells shift out of harmony, the healthy surrounding tissue will reinstall the correct frequency. When too many cells shift for a long enough period of time, as in physical trauma or chronic emotional stress, a disease or disorder will result. These "dis-eased" cells need energetic pharmacology to correct the abnormal frequency, or to cancel the pathological frequency.

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