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Healing The Bruises Beneath Your Skin

Are you still carrying wounds that no one can see? 

When life hits you hard, either physically or emotionally, the impact goes deep into your core. Physically you can experience damage in the connective tissue that limits your overall mobility and affects your posture, birthing, speed of healing, and overall health. Emotionally you can retain an internal bruise that when accidentally touched, can launch an explosion of painful emotion that impacts not only you, but those around you. Many of these bruises are from long ago. The good news is, they don’t have to be permanent.

Our brains do not always know the difference between the present and the past, dreaming and doing, something safe and something threatening, and particularly the difference between physical and emotional pain. In fact, physical and emotional pain are processed in the same part of the cingulate cortex of the brain as one thing: PAIN. 

This is for our survival, and much of the time, it serves us. We are able to smell, see, taste, hear and sense a dangerous situation, and more importantly, respond, in a way that ensures our survival. But the problem with this is that the brain will light up the same bundles of neurons from a memory of pain whenever a similar set of sensory information forms, even if it’s a safe situation. This means that the body can generate physical and emotional pain signals (usually both!) when the brain experiences a reminder of that earlier physical or emotional injury.

So if the body is generating pain signals when no pain is present, making you unhappy, sick, or sometimes, totally nuts, what can you do about it? Well luckily, the brain has an incredible amount of plasticity, or capacity to adapt and change. By examining old wounds, you can heal deep bruises beneath the skin that are getting reactivated and causing you pain. When these old wounds are gone, you can trust your brain to work smarter, faster, and more reliably and not activate old pain signals to save you from a situation that is likely long past.

Old bruises are usually well hidden. Rosilyn guides you through a powerful session that will shed some light on some of the bruises you may not have seen. A powerful healing process begins that will allow you to move more assuredly through life.

Book your appointment today. Together, your bruises can be healed and you can experience greater enjoyment in your life! Let’s heal for life together!

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