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Innate Wisdom

The innate wisdom of the body is the consciousness or intelligence that both animates the body and directs its synchronistic functioning. Because innate permeates and links the various components of the body, its function determines the type of interaction that happens between the various systems and parts of the bodymind complex.

In The BodyTalk System, when we talk of the practitioner's innate, we are referring to the mental clarity that comes about when the practitioner's left/right brain processes are interfacing healthily.

When we refer to the client's innate wisdom, we are referring to the body's own wisdom and its function in healing the body. The function of the client's innate wisdom is to incorporate all the pieces of information that make up the bodymind complex, and link them together as a synchronistically functioning whole. In doing this, innate provides the 'big picture' of the bodymind and all its various parts and systems.

When any individual aspects of the bodymind are functioning poorly, its innate wisdom uses the more healthily functioning systems and parts to bring about healing within the diseased area.

‘Innate’ is when the practitioner's left and right brain processes interface sufficiently, resulting in mental clarity precluding the need for effort to recall techniques and protocol. The dynamic of mental clarity results in what BodyTalk calls 'zoning'. As a consequence of zoning the BodyTalk practitioner is better able to tap into the client's innate wisdom and determine what it needs to enhance its healing and synchronizing abilities.

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