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The Causes of Disease

In the beginning it was said "Let there be light." In considering the body, before anatomical structure, before cellular or even molecular structure, there is light. Light as an energy form has unique signature (or soliton wave-length) specific to strength and pattern of that light signal. At the sub-molecular level are particles of light called bio-photons. The electromagnetic frequency patterns of bio-photons are found in every living organism. All cellular life, likewise then, has a unique cellular light/energy (or bio-photon) signature.

F. A. Popp, Ph.D. is a leader in the study of the bio-photonic energy. Popp monitored and was able to confirm that living cells not only emit or radiate small bursts of light, they also absorb light. His studies showed that healthy cells will store light longer than unhealthy cells. He also discovered that a healthy cell (cells with proper resonance) radiate coherent light, while a diseased cell radiates chaotic light. Cells communicate by converting signals (the soliton wavelength of bio-photons) into electromagnetic oscillations of resonant frequencies.

Bio-chemical messengers carry these specific frequency signatures (or pass codes of information) between cellular structures that provide the specific genetic instructions behind every cellular function, not limited to but, most importantly including DNA/RNA signal messaging. Each receiving cell must receive the correct information and be able to properly recognize and utilize that information.

A state of "dis-ease" exists when the cellular light/energy signal is chaotic or NOT in resonance (cancelling frequencies) creating essentially incorrect information to be transferred between cells. The receiving cell then performs its function according to the erroneous message. The resulting function and ensuing message is passed on, now altered to a greater degree and causing even greater dysfunction at the next cellular stop.

This process is multiplicative. This cycle of altered messaging continues to the point where mass cellular structures are passing on, and functioning according to, exponentially damaged instructions. Ultimately, this progression is what produces illness. Our over-exposure to environmental electromagnetic interference, chemical poisoning, irradiated or processed foods and electrically dead water (not necessarily in that order) are among the chief causes of "dis-ease."

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