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The Magic of Distance Sessions


Distant healing sessions allow for the benefits of healing regardless of an individual being physically present with the practitioner. Also known as remote healing, it has been practiced for centuries with countless testimonials attesting to improvements in the mindbody complex. Although long-practiced in the East, its efficacy is being recognized in clinical studies to a much greater extent in the West, as the practice of consciousness-based medicine takes a more front row seat alongside traditional paradigms.

For many, it may seem odd to say that a healing session can be conducted at a distance. On the surface, it sounds like something assigned to trained mystics with specific dress and accoutrements, surrounded by a haze of incense. It just seems too “out there” to respectfully be explained scientifically.

Except that, it can.

Although there is no one answer to why distant healing works, quantum physics, which is the application of the philosophy of consciousness, provides a solid one.

Early quantum physicists have noted that subatomic particles such as electrons are in instantaneous communication with each other—often at thousands of times the speed of light, and regardless of distance—resulting in the mindbody complex being a dynamic web or hologram of reality and interrelated events. When something shifts in one location, components within the web naturally respond and shift as well. This means that on some deeper level, all things—and people—in the universe are interconnected.

Since BodyTalk is a consciousness-based method of health care, we can effectively conduct techniques within the practice remotely. A practitioner mentally focuses on the client's holographic information, with the understanding that time and space are not barriers to effect change in that very hologram. Often, what happens in a group distance healing session, is that what comes up as a priority or formula for one or several people in the group, resonates deeply with the other group members, initiating changes in all participants. Consequently, many BodyTalkers are familiar with the exercise of doing a self “tap out” of the head, heart and gut when another person at a distance is receiving a session.

The potential effect of distant healing is even more profound if you consider how modern technology has further bridged the time-space continuum. Communications are instantaneous, and in so many different forms. A heart-felt text message, for example, telling someone that they are loved, can potentially avert a depressed state from otherwise devolving into an act of self-harm.

The effect of distant healing often begins when a decision is made to engage in such. The commitment is often followed by a sense of excitement, a movement in the right direction towards healing and growth. Synchronicities, or what Carl Jung coined as “meaningful coincidences,” may abound, as you arrive at the moment of your session, with call or login information in hand, and perhaps a notebook and pen as well.

You are like a radio antenna receiver in the holographic field, and something is ready to shift.

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