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The Word Yoooge

"The word 'Yoooge' comes from the over-pronunciation of the word 'huge' - as in huuuge or yoooge! This is exactly how true blue Australians differentiate between something that is merely pretty big or even very big-ish which they typically describe as 'huge', and something that is beyond their comprehension and understanding which they typically describe as @#$% it's bloody 'yoooge'! In this instance, it means that the meaning of life is so big, so infinitely huge, so complex, that trying to comprehend the vastness of it all is like trying to play harmonica with a mouth full of biscuits!"

Things that are Yoooge are:

  • The meaning of life (Yoooge!)
  • The reason why we are here (Yoooge!)
  • The Cosmos and all of its bits (pretty damn Yoooge!)
  • Infinity (Yoooger!)

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 In November 2003, Matthew John Corcoran had an extraordinary out-of-body experience that changed his life forever. He quite unexpectedly left his body, ascended into the spirit-world and became one with the purpose, meaning and truth of life, death. He then bought the information back with him.

Shortly afterwards, he started to get even more information presented to him by what he calls 'spiritual downloads from a much higher source than ourselves'. These downloads not only helped him understand more about what was revealed to him in November 2003 but also contained incredible new information about electromagnetic energy, potential and life.

Matthew has spent the last seven years writing all this information down in a deeply spiritual, non-religious series of books. "The Yoooge Philosophy of Life" is the first in this series and contains a step-by-step explanation of what he saw in 2003 and what has been revealed to him since that day ... and it's absolutely mind-blowing! 

Matthew has been described as "Stephen Hawkings with tattoos and a shaved head" or "The Esther Hicks of Australia" or "Ya went %$#@en where and saw what?"

To order your copy - either soft cover copy or e-book, go to It is as simple as that. Then be prepared for the most mind blowing experience imaginable. Enjoy!

From Rosilyn:

If you have been seeking and searching for answers to the seemingly unanswerable questions on spirituality, the big bang, how did it all start, where did you come from, what are you doing here...if you finally want to ‘know’ without question or doubt...then I highly recommend the book ‘The Yoooge Philosophy of Life’ by Matthew John Corcoran. It is about his out of body experience in 2003 during which he brought back immense knowledge that makes sense, is understandable and finally sets you free to get on with your purpose - what you are here to do and why!

Matt Rosilyn full 1 inchIf you are searching for answers, if you want to be released from the claws that are binding and compelling you to keep searching - go to and buy the book. 

My life changed from the instant I saw and read the draft of "The Yoooge Philosophy of Life" and ended up being part of the proofreading team for the final version. Once I began reading I kept going right through to the finish...then I experienced the most enormous feelings of profound relief, satisfaction, knowingness, full-up-ness from that experience. For the first time in my life I felt complete. 

Now, do not get me wrong...there is nothing ‘pretty’ about Matthew’s writing. He writes as he speaks, pure Australian with fabulous Australian humour. He writes from his heart and his truth about his, what he calls, mind blowing experience. It makes just so much sense that when you have finished reading it you will wonder how come you had not figured it all out for yourself. It is a very humbling experience to read this book.

If you want to ‘know’ and ‘know that you know’ then read this book so that you can ‘know’.

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