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A Theory on the Cause of Allergies in Babies and Young Children

vaccination babyFrom my 20 years’ experience as a professional alternative health care practitioner a question has formed for which I cannot find an answer. The evidence which has attracted my attention has been overwhelming though it is only now I am actually putting my thoughts into words.

My question is: if diseases can be inherited through the gene pool then why couldn’t/wouldn’t immunity through vaccination, especially after several generations, also be inherited?

For around six or seven generations now, in the Western world, at least one parent has been vaccinated and I believe it would be fair to say that for the last five generations, both parents have been vaccinated; and as further vaccinations have been developed immunity to more ‘diseases’ has been achieved.

Medical and scientific researchers have been propounding for quite a long time now that diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis etc. are inherited and indeed, have managed to find individual genes to suggest this.

So how can the above two paragraphs be connected?

I am wondering ... if diseases can be ‘inherited’ then why wouldn’t/couldn’t vaccinated immunity also be passed on through the gene pool?

In my Practice I often see babies and young children with some horrific skin conditions, asthma and various other reactions supposedly to a variety of causes labelled as ‘allergies’. Parents have taken their child/children here, there and everywhere seeking help and relief and hopefully a cause and more importantly, a cure for their child’s condition.

It has come to my attention, loud and clear, that most babies and children who end up with allergies, are born with a high immunity to those conditions for which they are vaccinated. This creates an overdose situation within the body and the immune system responds by slowly but surely turning on the body, in the long term creating and setting the scene for later autoimmune conditions. In the short term the immune system tries to rid the body of the overdose effects anyway it can and especially by setting up sensitivities to certain things.

The lungs (asthma), skin – also known as the third kidney (eczema and psoriasis) and bowel (digestive and food sensitivity) are all organs of elimination. It seems perfectly obvious to me that the body is working very hard to get rid of something (it is overdosing on). Could it be, hmmm, I wonder, just maybe an educated guess – over dose to one or more of the vaccines?

Possible Solution

The obvious solution to this would be to bring in the option of a blood test before automatic immun-ization (or take a grander, firmer stand with policy to instigate a blood test), that all babies be blood tested prior to when the first vaccination is due to gauge their immunity level to all the vaccinations on offer, before they are automatically given any vaccinations. A one stop blood test would be ideal. If immunity shows low or nil, then the vaccination option could be administered; if immunity shows good to excellent then no vaccination need be given.

Many parents (including me some 36 years ago) seriously debate the question of vaccination and do so out of the immense love they feel for their child, not wanting to put their child through the experience. However, eventually the fear factor sets in: fear that their child will not be permitted an education though the public system because they cannot attend a school without that piece of paper to say they have been vaccinated. Another scenario is presented as more people with babies and young children travel overseas. The issue of vaccination requirements for certain countries may force many parents to just get the shots done and over with and who knows how important those vaccinations may be if the child later wishes to travel overseas as an adult.

Despite all my searching and research I have not come across anything that hints at a plausible root cause to these pesky allergies yet my Clinic work backs up this theory time and time again. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here is just a theory after all though I would be extremely grateful if there is someone out there who can even tentatively support or totally knock down my theory please.

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