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BodyTalk Training

All BodyTalk training is available in Australia and scheduled in various locations across the nation.

Course Duration Fees Overview
BodyTalk Access 1 day $200 Teaches key techniques in one package to be used on a daily basis.
BodyTalk Fundamentals (Practitioner level) 4 day intensive $1500 Theoretical aspects as well as hands on practical application of the Fundamentals BodyTalk treatment techniques.
MindColours 2 day Workshop $500 Exploring and challenging belief systems and attitudes.
MindColours (Practitioner certification) 5 day intensive $2000 Theoretical learning about emotions, feelings, chakras, the mind and brain, structure and meanings of colours, investigation of interpretation and practical hands on supervised practice.

Refer to for further course details and registration or email Rosilyn for her teaching schedule. If you would like to coordinate a BodyTalk or MindColours seminar in your area, please contact Rosilyn. She is willing to travel anywhere to lead seminars. 

BodyTalk is truly bridging the gap between conventional medicine, alternative modalities and the energy medicine of the future – by complementing what already works and building a new paradigm of healthcare. With the rapidly growing specialty fields of Sports Performance, PlantTalk, AnimalTalk, Midwifery BodyTalk, Family and Corporate Matrix BodyTalk work and EarthTalk, the range of applications for the BodyTalk professional is wide open.

Phone Rosilyn on 0407 004 539
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more. 

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