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Carmela Fasano

Hello Rosilyn

I hope you're well. I've been thinking about you and thought I would drop a quick line about Josh. Josh had a number of work trials for an Metal Fabrication apprenticeship and commenced a trial with his current employer in late March – he worked as a casual for almost two months and was signed into his apprenticeship in mid-May. Josh is doing really well with an employer who is wonderful and in a workplace that Josh loves.

Through the work you had done with Josh, he was able to get his manual car license (drive friends around Melbourne), forklift license, start to go out for a counter meal, go to the nearby shop to buy lunch, and go away camping with friends. At the moment he is house sitting for his father, so is living by himself for a few weeks and looking after the dogs.

Josh has come so far Rosilyn and I know it's because of the work you had done with him. I will keep monitoring his progress and check in to see if he needs a bit of a ‘tune up' to keep him on track.

Thank you for everything Rosilyn.

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