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I first came to Rosilyn because of debilitating back pain particularly during the night which I'd suffered with for nearly 5 years. I'd been tested for everything under the sun by the medical profession, of course, beforehand. At the first session she told me I had 3 large gall stones and a duodenal ulcer. I told her I'd been tested for gall stones and the tests came back negative. She said, "I don't care what the tests say, your body is telling me you've got gall stones. Please ask your doctor to request further tests". So I did and I was given another series of tests, one of which I'd not had previously. Sure enough, 3 large gall stones showed up on this different test.

Rosilyn did her fancy business on the ulcer and that healed in no time flat. Initially she referred me to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to see about dissolving the gall stones but that didn't work so she packed me off to the medicos to have them surgically attended to. In the ensuing sessions Rosilyn located the spots where I'd parked the anger and fear, worry and grief which had surrounded my life since I was a young child. .. I am now totally free of pain – I am sleeping very restfully at night – no pain whatsoever, the mental anguish is gone, I am happy from within and finally, God and I are mates.

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