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I had a stroke when I was 39 years old. Since that time I had not flown an aircraft. However, I became an instructor for a commercial airline so was able to at least stay within the industry. Flying was my life - my passion. I loved nothing more than flying way above the clouds being in charge of a magnificently powerful machine.

Circumstances 'forced' me into becoming acquainted with Rosilyn and much later on I learned that she was a practitioner. In the mean time, to keep my job meant I had to relocate. I didn't want to. I ended up discussing this with her one night and she suggested some sessions with her to check on my state of health. Well, I have to tell you...over the years I had met with multiple health challenges - the stroke at 39 was the least of them, e.g. I only had one kidney, the lower aspect of both lungs had been removed, I no longer had a spleen or gall bladder either. I'd broken several bones over the years (though not as a pilot!) and generally felt pretty knocked about one way or another.

However, I was very fit as a runner and worked out at the gym. I was also very conscious of my diet and overall general lifestyle. I felt very well indeed. Rosilyn asked me why I couldn't reapply for medical status as a pilot once again. I was flabbergasted to say the least. I had never even considered it for one moment, especially not after the stroke many years previously. So, upon her urging and encouragement I applied for and underwent an extremely rigorous medical assessment. It was quite a lengthy process and at times I even wondered if it would be worth it. I continued to have regular sessions with Rosilyn throughout this time as well.

I am more thrilled than I can say to be able to tell you that I passed all the medical tests with flying (pun intended!) colours and am now back flying commercial aircraft again. Thinking on it brings tears of gratitude to my eyes every time. What I would have thought impossible is now for real. I am back doing what I love to be doing more than anything in the world. I drop in and see Rosilyn every now and again for a maintenance check when I'm in Melbourne. She keeps me in good nick and flying fit.

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