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Commercial Airline Pilot

In my job I have to be 100% medically fit at all times so it is important to me that I have the best professional health care possible. Following a change in location to a totally different country and living environment, I began experiencing some niggly bits and pieces happening with my body...shortness of breath, occasional racing palpatations, increased perspiration amongst the symptoms. Yes, stress was and is the obvious culprit but...

I sought the company medicos; they threw a battery of tests on me and everything turned up totally within normal range...but I still felt off colour! I happened to be flying into Melbourne on a 24 hours overnight and one of the crew mentioned they were going to see this amazing healing lady who they'd been seeing for a certain condition and had experienced glowing results.

Long story short...down the track I eventually went to see Rosilyn. Much to my amazement she twigged to the problem within seconds and recommended a surgical procedure which would fix the problem in no time. She also 'fixed' up a few other bits and pieces along the way! So now every time I come to Melbourne (which isn't that often) on an overnight, I always book in for a session - just to keep everything in excellent working, operating order.

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