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Brenda - WA

What I liked most about this course was the method of giving confidence with yes/no response, (and) the interesting power point visual slides.

Annette - Vic

I loved Rosilyn's colourful manner of teaching and her stories. Access was great and I can't wait to do it on everyone. Should be in schools too – will be tremendous for my school aged kids.

Anna S - Vic

I liked that there was a solid foundation given in a structured and clear way. The power point was visually stimulating and informative. Rosilyn was passionate and confident in her teaching.

Anna K - Vic

Rosilyn you are so knowledgeable. Loved your teaching method and an excellent presentation. Great to learn the latest developments in BodyTalk too.

Angela - Vic

Really enjoyed learning Modules 1 & 2 in BodyTalk with you. Your power point was very informative and interesting. An understanding of how important the foundations are has really come through loud and clear, thank you.

An on a mouse - WA

Very enthusiastic presenter who knows her subject well and made an attempt to provide frequent examples of practical application of Access and BodyTalk and examples of success stories. The multisensory method in which you used a rhythm, demonstration and us copying and watching were GREAT. Thanks.

Adele - WA

What I liked most about this course was getting to the end of the course and confidently being able to conduct a session (Modules 1 & 2)

Adele - WA

In general, very informative and feel I can move forward with more knowledge.

Winsome - Vic

Rosilyn is a natural teacher; she obviously loves what she does and her passion shines throughout the day.

Veronika - Tas

I loved every bit of this course. It made me feel very much alive. The way it was presented was excellent. It was all very interesting and time just flew.

Synthe - Vic

I appreciated Rosilyn's honesty and openness and fun – direct, clear speech and directions, speed of rote, repetition especially after lunch and variations of practice.

Suzanna - Qld

I really enjoyed BodyTalk Access. It gave me a lot of information and I felt so much energy shifted particularly through the reciprocals. I came with a shoulder blade pain and neck pain and I am pain free now! Great!!

Ron Chism

Rosilyn, thank you VERY much for your article, "Words Before Action!" I took the Fundamentals course last June. I've had 16 "practice" clients, in working towards my 50-client requirement for certification.

Things have always been unclear, although, upon revealing formulas to client, they would say, "Oh, wow!" and then commence to explain that the formulas I'd uncovered revealed very real things about their lives, including medical issues.

But, lately, it's gone totally flat. I can't tell a Yes from a No AT ALL. It's not a matter of "maybe." It's just DEAD. I lift up on the client's wrist, after asking Innate a question, and I just receive nothing--can't tell if it's yes or no.

I think that this experience of mine is different than the experience of those who are unsure; those who get SOME kind of feedback, but just are having problems interpreting what they receive. With me, it's ZILCH.

Now, after reading the article out loud, my wife said to me, "I do remember you asking questions and muscle checking at the same time. You HAVE done that." Hmmm. Well, I don't remember doing that. I thought I was doing it as you have suggested, words first.

But, I'm SO glad I read your article!! Because now I will be very aware of myself, and make sure I complete the question before doing the checking.

But, if you have any other suggestions, of course I would be happy to hear them.

Follow up: "Rosilyn thank you so much for your instinting support and generous time in sorting out my 'yes' and 'no' responses. I am now completely confident in my sessions and I cannot thank you enough. I thank God for you."

Rhonnie - NSW

I'm walking away with a wealth of knowledge that I can combine with my other healing modalities. Presentation of material was absolutely first rate. Looking forward to using the Access techniques in the child care industry. Keep up the great work and let's get it out there. Love your sense of humour – the day went all tooooooo fast.

Netta - Vic

I really liked the balance of theory, hands-on practice and Rosilyn's unique way of presenting and sharing her knowledge.

Monica - NSW

I love the way BodyTalk Access allows laymen to have access to a very helpful course to enhance my health – myself.

Martin - WA

I really enjoyed Access with Rosilyn. She is a very competent facilitator.

Madeleine - Vic

Covered more ground than I expected. What I loved most was there was time for laughter and time for everything. Thanks for a great day.

Lin - WA

Rosilyn is a powerhouse of knowledge and has a wicked sense of humour that is very appealing.

Lauren - Vic

I enjoyed your thorough yet light hearted approach. Your power point presentation was excellent.

Lauren - NSW

Modules 1 & 2 - The content is incredible. FANTASTIC! I've already recommended this course to three people.


I just read your article in the IBA newsletter and found it very helpful. Thank you!

Katilee - WA

Rosilyn you are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. I loved doing Access with you.

Kathleen - Qld

This modality really excites me. Enjoyable, informative, practical and entertaining! Your teaching with humour made the day go so quickly.

Kate - Vic

This has been a truly wonderful 4 days and I am thrilled to have had you as my teacher for Modules 1 & 2 in BodyTalk. You have been thorough and diligent and have modelled for the expertise and wisdom that I hope to have myself one day. Your commitment to our learning has been astounding and this I truly value. I will always do my best to make you proud.

Jodi - WA

Rosilyn was lovely, so very down to earth and practical and what a proud Aussie Lady. Thanks for the day mate. The techniques I've learned today will help me both as a mum and senior flight attendant. I just love it all.

Jennifer - NSW

Fabulous group. Rosilyn's irrepressible humour, fluidity of the process of training and having BT sessions done on me (during the training) were what I most liked about this course.

Jayne - Vic

Thanks for the encouragement and making it so much fun – it obviously works!

Jane - Vic

Loved Rosilyn's attention to details in teaching Modules 1 & 2. Well organized and logical to follow.

Isobel - Qld

Excellent focus, clear, direct, easy to understand and well controlled presentation.

Ingrid - NZ

Having done Modules 1 & 2 for the third time (to update on the latest information) I can honestly say that Rosilyn's way of teaching is truly inspirational - clear, precise and animated...I would change nothing. Simply brilliant.

Ianthe - WA

Access was interactive and fun! The instructor was vibrant and got the message across clearly.

Francesca - Vic

I like the way you teach – easy going and not judging which makes it easy to learn. Thank you.

Finola McAlinden – UK

Brilliant post on muscle checking invaluable. Thanks for taking the time to share this. I've known a few who walked away for this very reason! Very sad.

Elsie - Tas

Easily explained. I didn't think I would understand it but guess what – I love it. I feel so light!

Denise - Vic

I loved the clear, professional and expert delivery on the part of the instructor Rosilyn. The power point was exciting and I'm amazed at how much I have learned in just 4 days....and also how Rosilyn's unique teaching methods have made so much of it stick! It has been a BIG 4 days and I loved it all.

Deb - NSW

Rosilyn was very professional with a touch of real passion for BodyTalk and teaching it. The atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable. I really enjoyed this experience even though by day 3 I was overwhelmed - the atmosphere soon dissolved my worries and I could continue and overcome my fears. A big thank you.

Chelsea Marlyss - Alberta

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for posting your article. As a new practitioner I have struggled with muscle checking. As I read your article I realized that I do that very thing! Ending up frustrated and lacking confidence in my ability as a practitioner or wondering if the session made sense.

Reading your article brought it into my awareness and now I look forward to my next session to practice the technique you suggested.

I just wanted to say thank you for contributing and giving me the opportunity to grow and become better.

Cathy - Vic

Rosilyn's knowledge of BodyTalk and her enthusiasm for Access made me want to learn more and more. I really enjoyed the seminar. I learnt how important it is to hydrate the body ... I did not realise how much hydrating helps to heal.

Caitlin - NSW

Rosilyn was a great teacher and kept the material interesting and kept us engaged with her great humour. Rosilyn gave a great course - I would highly recommend everyone take one of her courses. Even though I've taken modules 1 & 2 before, I was always engaged and interested and feel more enthused and confident about BodyTalk than ever!


I thoroughly enjoyed the MindColours practitioner training. Rosilyn's excellent teaching methods ensure a deep understanding is achieved and that the material is immediately applicable. She combines examples and anecdotes which stimulates thought and her unique sense of humour made this training very enjoyable and fun. I look forward to working with MindColours with confidence and excitement.


MindColours is a knockout! It blows my mind as these colour vibrations show so much of which we are unaware but which rule our life. MindColours technique of who we really are and the ability to bore in and find the answers is amazing. The practical assignments were of immense benefit and I leave this training totally confident of using it immediately with great success. Not many people/systems etc. tell us that we are OK! The language is so specific, clever intention and meaning of every word to create a story that evolves the knowledge we need to know. Rosilyn, you are so passionate and committed, inspiration and amazing, and the way you saw the great potential wisdom in each of us was such a bonus and blessing. Thank you.


Practitioner training: The vibrations within our MindColours group were the 'good vibrations'. We each shared so much together in learning the wisdom that Rosilyn imparted to us during this course. To observe, absord and gather the depth of colour was very, very enlightening and opened avenues for our clients and for me to facilitate them through a reading with 100% success. Thank you Rosilyn for all your work and expertise. Love the manual. Just brilliant. Well done.


What a wonderful modality this (MindColours) is. Thank you to Yvonne Evans for her totally amazing insight in creating it and to Rosilyn for such creative and insightful talent to develop it so that we can share and learn about where we are at. The insights revealed can change the course of our life - literally to put us on our true path to living in joy all the time. Rosilyn's method of teaching leaves no stone unturned - that also means she applies it to her everyday life as well - she knows MindColours inside out and back to front from using it constantly! Her methods of teaching cement information for us in a way that we don't forget and ensures we can use the technique and applications of MindColours instantly anywhere, any time.


Practitioner training: MindColours is such a wonderful modality that can be a great help in assessing where a client is truly at. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how colours influence our life in such a major way. Thank you Rosilyn for a great workshop. Everything about it was so enjoyable; everything was perfectly timed yet flexible and relaxed. Your way of teaching is so practical and so easy to follow and understand. I am totally confident of my ability to facilitate anyone through a MindColours experience.


MindColours is a very powerful tool for any practitioner or therapist. I am so grateful to have this training as I know it will be of great benefit for deeper insights for my patients as well as myself. Having such a simple but enormously effective and applicable tool to reach our true selves is a gift to this planet.


I loved the energy and passion Rosilyn exhibts with MindColours as well as her depth of understanding and interpretation. Also, Rosilyn allowed the workshop to flow in such a relaxed and natural manner the time simply flew. Thank you Rosilyn for your fantastic teaching and such giving of yourself. I learned so much about myself as well as now knowing how to use MindColours confidently for clients.


The MindColours seminar was truly an inspirational experience and so very insightful. The course was very well presented. It showed Rosilyn's wealth of experience and understanding in using MindColours and her abilty to pass it on in such a way that we could all follow her and open up and understand the system. I loved every moment of it and I loved the practical assignments and working with the other participants. Thank you for a great experience Rosilyn.


Rosilyn, thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the MindColours training with you. It feels like I have learned heaps...and I know I'm leaving a lot of baggage behind having dealt with so much during the prac assignments! I am immeasurably grateful. I wouldn't change anything - the whole training was flexible enough and I was very comfortable to go with the structure - loved your sense of humour as well as your professional and deeply focused practitioner/instructor mode. I loved the whole MindColours experience - all was just great.


This MindColours training was 'absolutely brilliant' - and more! I have learned so much and gained so much insight not only about myself but about others - one should never judge a book by its cover! I loved the way you were so aware and sensitive to the needs of every participant and worked with so much focus and intimacy - yet your humour was always close by. I will never forget the joy of the five days experiencing this mind blowing MindColours workshop. Thank you so much.

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