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Ron Chism

Rosilyn, thank you VERY much for your article, "Words Before Action!" I took the Fundamentals course last June. I've had 16 "practice" clients, in working towards my 50-client requirement for certification.

Things have always been unclear, although, upon revealing formulas to client, they would say, "Oh, wow!" and then commence to explain that the formulas I'd uncovered revealed very real things about their lives, including medical issues.

But, lately, it's gone totally flat. I can't tell a Yes from a No AT ALL. It's not a matter of "maybe." It's just DEAD. I lift up on the client's wrist, after asking Innate a question, and I just receive nothing--can't tell if it's yes or no.

I think that this experience of mine is different than the experience of those who are unsure; those who get SOME kind of feedback, but just are having problems interpreting what they receive. With me, it's ZILCH.

Now, after reading the article out loud, my wife said to me, "I do remember you asking questions and muscle checking at the same time. You HAVE done that." Hmmm. Well, I don't remember doing that. I thought I was doing it as you have suggested, words first.

But, I'm SO glad I read your article!! Because now I will be very aware of myself, and make sure I complete the question before doing the checking.

But, if you have any other suggestions, of course I would be happy to hear them.

Follow up: "Rosilyn thank you so much for your instinting support and generous time in sorting out my 'yes' and 'no' responses. I am now completely confident in my sessions and I cannot thank you enough. I thank God for you."

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