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About Rosilyn Kinnersley

rosRosilyn has two goals for every client; a return to vibrant health and a zest for life.

Her innate abilities and knowledge in natural and alternative health care practices have been refined and enhanced by formal studies she has completed in the BodyTalk paradigm of learning and practice.

She has been delivering services to clients for over 30 years and she comes to you as an experienced, Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner. Her continuing progression through the levels of knowledge and practice has led to her gaining Instructor status and certification.

It is her passion to encourage and mentor new graduates and practitioners to gain greater knowledge and understanding of the powerful and effective uses of The BodyTalk System of care.

Rosilyn’s eclectic and eventful series of journeys through life have shaped a powerhouse of compassion, warmth, loyalty, and sincerity with a rich sense of humour.

Technology allows her to be available to local, national and international clients. Skype brings her close to her clients and she revels in proving that distance in no barrier.

Her desire is to lead the way for her clients through BodyTalk to embrace a life of good health, well-being and enthusiasm.

Join her and prepare to be amazed!

Contact Rosilyn

Mobile: 0407 004 539

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