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The absolutely amazing thing about MindColours is:


MindColours is simple and easy to use. MindColours tells it like it is. You learn how, where and what to improve and change to become whole and complete again.

Utilizing the vibrational powers of colour, MindColours is a colour combination healing modality designed to assist you in understanding the messages from the subconscious mind. It addresses all aspects of your being. Any question can be answered by using the specific MindColours protocol.

Here are just some areas you can investigate:

  • resolving conflicts
  • discovering your life purpose, ideal career, life direction
  • revealing and resolving self-sabotage
  • identifying the essence of you
  • understanding what your significant others are really thinking and feeling
  • identifying and releasing past traumas, hurts and harmful experiences.

MindColours was created by Yvonne Evans to address her own health challenges. It is non-invasive, powerful, insightful and suitable for all ages 0 to 100+.  It works well with animals and is very user friendly.

goldenkeyMindColours is a golden key to unlock your subconscious mind. It is a truly brilliant system. Start working today and enjoying the mammoth insights and revelations that will open to you as you walk your journey.

MindColours was originally developed as a self-help system although it is helpful to work with MindColours practitioner address issues at the deeper levels.

The Mindcolours chart and interpretations are available in PDF format as well as hard copy of book and chart. 

To choose a colour combination, place your right hand behind your back (figuratively shutting off the conscious mind) and place your left hand at waist level, palm up and while looking at the palm of your hand, (figuratively opening up the subconscious mind) focus your mind on the question for which you are seeking an answer for a few seconds. Look to the chart and the very first colour that you see is the one containing the answer/s. Email Rosilyn with your chosen combination and she will email you the interpretation for that combination.

NOTE:This system has absolutely nothing to do with what colours you like or dislike. It is directly and only related to the vibrational frequency of what is going on in your life and the vibrational frequency of colour.

FURTHER NOTE:When forming your question/s you must ensure that the question is not a yes/no question as this system is not designed to give yes/no answers. E.g. “Should I take an anger management course?” (requiring a yes/no answer) as opposed to “What is the basic cause (or you could use stimulus, button, reason etc.) for my anger?” The answer will be somewhere in the interpretation of the colour combination chosen.

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