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The BodyTalk System

Are you stressed, sick, or stuck in life? Everything else you have tried just hasn’t helped...or maintained the help?

Then BodyTalk is for you! It will change the way you look at healthcare forever.

BodyTalk is an entirely different way of looking at disease and illness. It looks at the underlying cause of your condition. It is drug free, non-invasive and has no adverse side effects.

BodyTalk stimulates your body's innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels and provides low-cost preventive care, reduces hospital stays and lowers the cost of drug use by stimulating your body to heal faster naturally.

While BodyTalk is not always a substitute for conventional medical care, almost every condition has been found to respond positively to BodyTalk because it furthers your body's natural healing efforts. So even if BodyTalk is not being used as the primary mode for healing, it will help you heal faster.

Ultimately, BodyTalk makes taking care of your health easy. The focus is on solutions rather than in-depth analysis of issues so there is no need for extensive talking and the techniques require very little effort on your part.

Here is why you should take a closer look:

  • acts quickly – your overall quality of health and well-being is improved
  • pain-reduction – your bodymind’s well-being is enhanced through better communication channels
  • 100% safe and non-invasive – disease is not addressed symptomatically – you are able to feel calmer and more stable
  • gentle – you may experience better moods and a renewed enthusiasm for life
  • no diagnosis, prescriptions, medications or supplements.

How BodyTalk Works

The success of The BodyTalk™ System lies in healing your health conditions at the ‘cause level’.

This system allows your body's own healing abilities to effect change, you see long lasting, ongoing improvements in your health rather than short-term symptomatic relief. 

Everyone can benefit from The BodyTalk System. Why?

Stress, in all its forms, is the undermining force, the bottom line, in disrupting optimal health. You may not notice the adverse effects immediately, but over time, symptoms build to produce serious conditions. While we cannot avoid stress, BodyTalk has the capacity to address the impact of stress on your body and also offers tools for stress management in a natural manner.

During a session the practitioner establishes your body's priorities for healing by using a form of bio-feedback and follows a formulated protocol of questions to determine which imbalances need to be addressed and in what specific order.

Click here to view the BodyTalk Protocol Chart.

Once the priority of links has been established, balancing consists of gentle tapping over the two hemispheres of the brain (instructing the brain to ‘fix’), and the sternum (instructing the heart complex to store) using ancient Hatha Yoga and modern techniques. 

BodyTalk is a stand-alone modality that also integrates seamlessly into, and is complementary to, all other healthcare modalities.

Here are some reasons to consider BodyTalk as a way back to health and vitality: 

  • It is totally safe in every case - there are no contra-indications to its use.
  • There are no impositions of practitioner agenda.
  • No medications are prescribed, no diagnosis is given and it is completely non-invasive.
  • Exceptional results have occurred in almost every sphere of healthcare.
  • No side effects (other than a feeling of well-being).

BodyTalk – The History and How it Applies to You

The BodyTalk System was developed by Australian, Dr John Veltheim, who practised for over twenty years as a Chiropractor, Traditional Acupuncturist and Reiki Master. His postgraduate studies include Applied Kinesiology, Bio-Energetic Psychology, Osteopathy, Sports Medicine, Counselling, Comparative Psychology, and Theology. 

BodyTalk is being practised and taught in 44 countries, and has been translated into 10 languages. The BodyTalk™ System has a unique respect for the power of the potential of every living being to heal itself. It is a form of therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be synchronised so they can operate as nature intended.

As you are unique, so too is your health care with BodyTalk.
For most clients, the reason for making contact is a particular health concern with a series of symptoms. BodyTalk recognizes that although two people may appear to experience the exact same symptoms, the communication links needed to balance the conditions in their unique bodies may be entirely different. With BodyTalk your health care is tailored to you individually and your unique needs and requirements.  

BodyTalk is an effective way of accessing your body's innate ability to heal itself by utilizing a combination of ancient and modern principles.

The fundamental premise behind The BodyTalk System is that good health is based on the synchronization and harmony of the physical and energetic functions that make up your body and mind. There are billions of synchronized activities that need to take place at every moment to keep your body in good health at the physical, emotional and mental levels. If even one of these activities is compromised, usually due to the physical and emotional stresses of your daily life, then you begin to experience distress, disease and illness.

The BodyTalk System allows the practitioner to contact and activate your innate healing ability by locating and repairing breakdowns in the body's communication system. This resynchronizes the activities, restoring balance, health and well-being.

"BodyTalk is the medicine of the future, and the future is now..."
Dr James Oschman.

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Watch this video to learn how to help yourself immediately:

  • to balance the hemispheres of your brain
  • stimulate relaxation
  • de-stress your thinking centres
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