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When I first came to Rosilyn for BodyTalk, I was one nail out of my coffin. Chronic Fatigue with complications, anxiety, stress, couldn't stay awake then I couldn't sleep, aches and pains like you wouldn't believe, food...couldn't keep much down at all. Seemed like I was allergic to the planet. I'd been to so many practitioners both medical and alternative. Rosilyn seemed to be my last straw.

Amazingly, six weeks and eight sessions later I was sleeping without pills, back at work after 5 years of being unable to work because of my ill health, re discovered my wife... and able to take an interest in my family and the world around me once more. All the aches and pains, nausea and vomiting were gone and I felt human again. After so many years searching for a cure – it is more than a miracle. She got right to the heart of the matter in the very first session then just kind of tidied everything else up in follow up sessions. Amazing! I am a new man: fit healthy, strong and happy.

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